My novel is now on sale…

But only for print.   Amazon e-books will be available after review.   Hit my ask box for discount codes.

I am in the house alone… singing badly to old music. 
Taking grainy selfies on my blackberry 
When I should be editing.
Or drafting contracts, 
Or work and work and work. 

Sometimes its cool to be silly I guess…

— Especially on the Weekend.

—Side note: I sometimes get afraid that I will be in the house taking selfies alone and when I go to review the photos there will be some demon/contortionist spirit hovering in the corner waiting to be discovered later so I can shit my pants… —End Side note.

December brought a lot of good things… 

Like my new hair cut. 

Winners of the Villainous Novel Giveaway

53 people entered the competition via, my website and my tumblr!

The winners are:


Winners can ask box me their preferences (ebook or paperback options). 

All non-winners may ask box me for a discount code for amazon once the book goes on sale next week (2 dollars off an 8 dollar book!)

Thanks to everyone who participated!


Last chance to enter my novel giveaway!

Will be announcing winners tonight at 8 pm.  

See the original novel post for details.

Bonus prize:

If anyone can point out the subliminal photo on my updated book cover, they can win a free ebook version. 

So I’ve been nitpicking my Villainous Cover… 


My Novel Giveaway

Hello all,

Most of you already know I participated in Nanowrimo this year. The novel I finished at the end of November is currently being edited for publishing.

I will be posting to Createspace and the Amazon market next week.  

In celebration; I have decided to give away two copies (either e-book or paperback; winner’s choice). The novel is original; it is not fanfiction of any sort.   It is called Villainous and it is fantasy/scifi/lgbtq with a bit of romance (if you squint). Two lucky winners will be chosen at random next Friday no later than 8 pm.  

How to enter:

Reblog or like this post.   Make sure you’re signed in to your tumblr page.

Goto my site:, and visit my contact page. In the review/comment box leave your name, email and somewhere in the body leave the phrase: I want to be Villainous. 

If you have a ffnet account; I will also pool from my pm messages. The same key phrase: I want to be Villainous, can be used. 

Enter as many times as you like.   I will be using a random generator; and I will announce winners across the board on Saturday morning. If you request a paperback; please be aware that I will need your address.

I will be shipping anywhere in the world.

I’d like to say thank you to all of my fanfiction followers, for being so patient with me in updating.   This has been what I have been up to. My book will officially be on sale next week; however, I will continue to run giveaways and post discount codes for my most loyal of readers. 

If you would like to know more about the book, please visit my website for details:
Check under Original Works. 

So I just finished NanoWrimo with an entire novel.  Did it in fifteen days.  

I feel like crying tears of happiness right now.  

So I just finished NanoWrimo with an entire novel.  Did it in fifteen days.  

I feel like crying tears of happiness right now.  



Hello all, 

This year, I’ve decided to participate in the Nanowrimo challenge.  I started with a different idea (of course I did), and on day 15 I changed it (of course I changed it) because it was cumbersome and deserved more plotting time. I’ve written 20,000 words in five days (I’m halfway through the timeline in regards to plot), if I continue to write at this pace (which I will), I can still win.  

But I need a bit of help. 

Winners of Nanowrimo benefit from a lot of sponsor related privileges.  One of the privileges I am excited about is through lulu (printed copies), and createspace (selling the book).  I have made my own cover, but I got stuck writing my blurb (I always do).  

I have a good bit written, and I need help describing what my book is about on the back jacket.  Of course, reading what I have written so far would probably be the first part of this help.  I’m opening to paying people in virtual hugs, and a dedication on the inside cover when I finish (because I’m definitely crossing that finish line).

Anyone interested, please ask box me for details.  


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