Glee Big Bang Challenge: Snippet

Snippet from Big Bang Challenge Entry:

The Hungry (Faberry, Brittana, Tike, Potta)

The t.v. blinked back to the emergency broadcast system.  They stood around the cash register, Sugar blankly staring back at them, wide eyed.  The rain stopped; and the giant glass windows were slowly clearing up.  She was momentarily lost, not completely aware of what was happening.  When she blinked, she could see in the distance a solitary figure, draped in a wet, tattered hospital gown.  He was standing right across main street, a bloody surgical saw dangling from the cord in his left hand.  From his vantage point he watched them.  He watched them, and he smirked.

"You guys… maybe we should lock up the store."

They all turn to look at she was pointing; where the tall figure stood, waiting.  He had blood on his chin, and she could almost pick out vestiges of flesh sitting above his goatee.  He was shaking slightly, the saw in his hand jerking on the string.  He was one of them.  He was one of the infected and he had been watching them from under an awning across the street from the supermarket.  When he took his first step off the pavement, Mike rushed quickly to the front of the store to lock the double doors.  The infected man smiled widely before taking a second step, his eyes somewhat locked with all of theirs simultaneously.  They would have to kill him if he tried to get into the store.  He took another step, somewhat elated with the thought of torturing them slowly.  He was in full view when he took his next step.  They would have to kill the man who runs the hardware store on Main street.  Mr. Hampton… who now had Kuru.  He took another step.  They were going to have to kill this man… even though she thought that none of them would be able to.

He took two steps more…

Her heart was pumping in her chest.  She didn’t know what he would do.  She quickly thought about how easy the glass windows could shatter if he threw that saw through one of them.  She thought about Azimio and all that blood.  She thought about what it would feel like to be eaten… to be eaten alive. 

He was almost to their side of the street.  No one else was moving.  What would he do?  What could he do?  One step more—

No one heard the pickup truck coming, apparently Mr. Hampton hadn’t either.  The impact was enough noise to force them all into action.  They scrambled around the store, all of them quickly aware of the severity of their situation, of the danger.  The pickup truck kept going, and Quinn made her way to the glass window to make sure that he was dead.  She watched his unmoving body for a few moments before nodding to herself and walking away. 

He wouldn’t get back up.  They weren’t zombies.  No… zombies would have made things a lot easier.